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Are you using our new in-store merchandising solution? - Posted by Marketing on 23/4/2019

We know the importance of an awesome in-store experience in the retail sector, and how key it is to present a wide variety of products on the floor, each in a unique way that will make it easy for the customer to buy and help maximise your sales. 

Welcoming the new Off-Location Display Stand!  Perfect to situate in an off-location in your store, to prompt first aid purchase and boost your sales! After all, whether at work or at home, everyone needs first aid!  

Freshen up your store, and let us help boost your first aid sales. Contact us today to discuss your unique stock package to suit what kits you sell best. 


The simplest way to ensure you're first aid prepared in the education industry! - Posted by Marketing on 16/1/2019

Like every other Australian workplace, the education industry must be first aid prepared. It's important that schools and childcare centres have adequate first aid facilities and equipment for use both onsite and offsite (i.e. excursions and evacuations). Also don't forget the recommendation from ACECQA - "A belt bag is one way of taking a modified first aid kit on an excursion or to the outdoor play space". We've got that covered too (solution: the FANCM35 bumbag first aid kit)!

Here's a quick checklist of recommended first aid equipment for the education industry:

To make it easier for you, we've put together a guide to ensure every school and childcare centre is properly first aid prepared this new school term. Download your copy now

Contact your local stockist today to ensure you have all you're needing before this school term starts! Needing advice? We'd love to help you out! Call us anytime - 1800 13 12 11.

Are your work vehicles compliant? - Posted by Marketing on 4/12/2018

Regardless if it's a fleet of company vehicles you maintain, or just a solo company vehicle, the new 2018 WHS Code of Practice specifies that a portable first aid kit should be provided in the vehicle of mobile workers if that is their workplace. Are you compliant?

The R1 Vehicle Max is the perfect solution for a compliant kit for all work vehicles. The ever popular deluxe vehicle kit, loaded with ARTG Registered quality extras like splinter probes, hydrogel burn gel, heavy duty crepe bandage, instant ice pack and more. All contained in a medium sized case with internal compartments ready for that unexpected road side emergency.

Remember, when stowing the kit in the vehicle, ensure it is safely located so as not to become a projectile in a collision.

Contact your local stockist today to ensure your workplace is compliant to current regulations! Call us anytime for further information - 1800 13 12 11.

We've made it so easy to be CPR prepared! - Posted by Marketing on 15/11/2018

Whether being used in the education sector or used during training courses, our newly released Disposable CPR Face Shield and Resus Hygiene Wipes are the perfect tool to keep you and those around you protected during mouth to mouth resuscitation. 

The CPR Face Shield is a clear PVC plastic with the face positioning guide and filter. The individually wrapped disposable units boast an excellent 5 year expiry.  

The Resuscitation Hygiene Wipes are larger than the standard wipe - 185x140 mm - making cleaning a manikin or a patient super easy and quick. Consisting of 70% ethyl alcohol means they are very low scent, so they're completely child friendly (shout out to the education sector - we know how hard it is to get low alcohol scented wipes!). Similar to the Face Shields, the Wipes are also individually packaged and boast the same 5 year expiry. 

How much easier could it be to be CPR prepared? Prepare yourself today! Call us on 1800 13 12 11 for further information, or contact your local distributor for purchase.

Are you first aid prepared this summer? - Posted by Marketing on 8/11/2018

Get summer prepared with an all-in-one first aid kit covering off on snake & spider bites, insect bites, burn relief, germ prevention, cuts & wounds, and much more! The unique modular design makes identification and application super easy! 

Locate your local distributor and grab yours today while stocks last.

You can download further kit info here and check out what is included in this awesome 303 piece Kit!

Now, bring on summer...! 

Protect your family this snake season! - Posted by Marketing on 14/9/2018

As beautiful as the warm weather is, we're heading back into snake season, so it's time to be extra vigilant. Protect yourself and your family this summer! 

We've made it easy to be prepared, with our Snake 'n' Spider Bite Kit. Compact and lightweight, it'll go anywhere - backpack, glove box, kitchen cupboard, site office - you name it. It's a must-have addition to any first aid kit.

Quality hospital-grade contents, including a full colour Snake and Spider Identification Sheet and easy-to-follow Symptoms and Treatment Guides, are housed in the flexible soft pouch for superior portability. It's the perfect solution to prepare you this snake season! 

Contact any of our distributors to purchase your Kits today, or download the spec sheet for further product information.


Are you a high or a low risk workplace? - Posted by Marketing on 24/8/2018

We all know that every place of work in Australia must comply to the current WHS Regulations, but we also know the Regulation is quite confusing! So, here's a tip...

Not sure if you’re a high risk or low risk workplace? Download our R-Series Risk Matrix to read what the WHS Code of Practice specifies the difference to be. You’ll then see how easy our R-Series Range makes your First Aid Kit selection

Are you compliant? 

What First Aid Kit is required for ISSC14 compliance? - Posted by Marketing on 5/7/2018

Calling all Electrical Contractors who require a First Aid Kit for ISSC14 compliance... 

We've made it simple! All you need is the R2 Electrical Workers Kit and add the ISSC14 Module. To make things even easier, the Module slips nicely into the back pocket of the Electrical Workers soft pack bag!  

Be prepared. We make it easy. Find your closest distributor here, or call us on 1800 13 12 11.

Download FREE First Aid Essentials Guide - Posted by Marketing on 9/5/2018

Are you ready to perform first aid anytime, anywhere? Download your free Guide today!

Download Guide

For further information, call us today. 1800 13 12 11

Are you first aid prepared this Easter? - Posted by Marketing on 9/3/2018

Did you know 44% of households are not first aid prepared when travelling on holiday? You and your family deserve the peace of mind of being first aid prepared this Easter. 

Our all-new E-Series range was born to serve the needs of people who want value for money, without compromising on quality and performance - the perfect home and travel first aid companion! Browse our E-Series range to see which Kit suits your needs.

Be prepared! Contact your local distributor today and protect yourself and your family this Easter.

Your people are your greatest asset. Their safety is vital! - Posted by Marketing on 24/1/2018

It's back to work for 2018, and more than ever before, your people are your greatest asset. Are you supporting them with the safest working environment? First aid. Be prepared.

Here's a quick guide to make first aid fast and easy for your workplace - ensuring your team are kept safe this new year. 


Be SunSmart this summer! - Posted by Marketing on 15/12/2017

Stay safe this summer! Download SunSmart's free app now and be smart about your sun exposure all year round.

Handling sharps? We've got you covered! - Posted by Marketing on 9/11/2017

Handling sharps? Hands down, our Sharps Gloves offer unrivalled 360° protection to keep your team safe.

Download the GAS350 360° Protection Glove product spec sheet for further product details.

Not only do we stock the Sharps Gloves, we also house a world class range of Response Sharps and Body Fluid Kits and equipment. Available in a range of sizes and styles to suit various applications, we have designed this range with the user in mind "to keep them safe and protected from sharps and bodily fluids at all times during clean up". You can view the Response range now!

Call us today to protect yourself and your team! 1800 13 12 11.

Save the app that could save a life! - Posted by Marketing on 1/9/2017

Here's an app that has been developed by Australia's emergency services and their Government and industry partners, helping people to call the right number at the right time, anywhere in Australia. The app uses a mobile phone's GPS functionality so callers can provide emergency call-takers with their location information as determined by their smart phone. It's a great tool, so we thought we'd share it!

Save the app now!

Our all new Store Locator! - Posted by Marketing on 19/7/2017

We’ve just launched our all new ‘Store Locator’ at

A super easy way to locate your closest store at which FastAid products are available. Simply type in your postcode and search and hey presto, the 10 closest stores will load!

Check it out now.

Take the test. Are you really first aid prepared in your workplace? - Posted by Marketing on 12/7/2017

A study conducted by St John alarmingly revealed that 87% of workplaces were not properly first aid prepared. "Incidents can happen without warning and in every type of workplace. It is critical you are prepared for any first aid emergencies that could happen in yours." - Safework Australia

Is your workplace first aid prepared? Not sure what you need? Choosing the correct First Aid Kit is too confusing? 

The first step you can take now is to make certain you have adequate First Aid Kits on site to ensure your workplace is prepared and WHS compliant. 

Here's a great tool to step you through the process of choosing the correct First Aid Kit! 

Take the test on our Online Kit Calculator now!

The First Aid FAQ's Resource - Posted by Marketing on 3/5/2017

Are you often asked tricky or technical questions about the WHS Regulation, and you wish you had one single resource to send your client with all FAQ's answered? You're not the only one! That's why we've created a First Aid Frequently Asked Questions resource page, which includes the 5 easy steps to Choosing the Correct First Aid Kit.

How much easier could it get? FastAid - committed to making first aid fast and easy. 

Download your free FAQ's Resource now!

As always, we're here to help with any additional questions - 1800 13 12 11

Coming up: 28 April is World Day for Safety and Health at Work - Posted by Marketing on 6/4/2017

World Day for Safety and Health at Work and Workers’ Memorial Day (World Day) is recognised internationally on Friday 28 April.

As this important day approaches, think about how you can take the lead in work health and safety.

To help you get involved and promote World Day in your workplace have a look at the World Day page the Safe Work Australia website.

Did you know, you can save up to 30% during First Aid Kit Refilling? Here's how! - Posted by Stella on 13/3/2017

First Aid Kit refilling can be a painful, timely business. Not only do you have to check the contents are all in the Kit, you have to search for expiries too, to ensure your Kit is still in date...

Did you know, not only is a complete Refill Pack saving you the time and hassle of refilling your Kit per individual item, you can also save up to 30% and be instantly compliant again to the current WHS Regulations? You can find the code to the relevant Refill Pack for your Kit in the case options listings in our Products Guide

Get in touch with us if you're not sure which Refill Pack you're needing - call 1800 13 12 11.

FastAid - always fast and easy.

Refill Poster

Are you prepared for the unexpected this summer? - Posted by Marketing on 13/12/2016

Not only does summer bring us the long hot days, but it also introduces snake season again, bringing them out to feed and breed. Are you prepared for the unexpected emergency of a snake or spider bite this season? 

Download your free guide to Snake 'n' Spider Bite Treatment now!

For further information regarding this Guide, or for Snake 'n' Spider Bite products, contact us on 1800 13 12 11.

Merchandising Excellence. Boosting Your Sales! - Posted by Stella on 13/1/2016

In store merchandising has proven to increase sales. As part of our promise to make first aid fast and easy, FastAid is offering you in-store merchandising options to increase brand awareness and drive your sales. Speak to us today to find out the best solutions for you! Call 1800 13 12 11.

It's here! The all new FastAid Edition 6 Product Guide - Posted by Stella on 19/8/2015

We are excited to launch our new Edition 6 Product Guide! Download your copy here or call us and request a hard copy to be rushed to your door - 1800 13 12 11.

FastAid's Practical Guide to Workplace First Aid Kit Requirements - Posted by Stella on 23/6/2015

Does the WHS Regulation confuse you, frustrate you and leave you wondering what you're looking for?

We understand your confusion! That is why we have written a Practical Guide to Workplace First Aid Kit Requirements - a comprehensive and easy to follow guide to Workplace First Aid Requirements.

Get the know now!


What is WHS? - Posted by Matt on 4/6/2015

We have had numerous questions about what WHS (Workplace Health & Safety) is, how it works and what it means. Read on!


The ‘Work Health & Safety Act’ (WHS) is the agreed harmonisation of each state and territory’s OHS legislation to develop a new national law by Safe Work Australia.


Yes, WHS simplifies 8 old laws into 1 new national law. This overcomes confusion and entitles all Australian workers to the same work health and safety standards regardless of where they work.


Safe Work Australia does not regulate compliance and enforcement of the ‘WHS’ laws. It is conducted by each state or territory’s body such as WorkCover, WorkSafe or SafeWork etc.


Yes all apart from WA and VIC. Both are committed to or support the principle of national harmonisation. FastAid manufactures first aid kits to cover the existing VIC and WA regulations as well as the new WHS regulation.


Essentially, the WHS change means you are or will soon be required to replace or update your current first aid kits.


FastAid makes it easy for you to comply! To quickly choose your first aid kit/s, simply follow the R-Series guide, accessible here; Or even easier, use our online first aid kits calculator, accessible here;


Jurisdictional progress on the model WHS work health and safety laws:
Find your state regulator:
Publication information:

It truly is a life saver! The HeartSine samaritan 500P Defibrillator - Posted by Marketing on 13/5/2015

You can't choose when Sudden Cardiac Arrest will strike. But you can be prepared!

Two lives were saved last week with the HeartSine samaritan 500P Defibrillator; one life saved at a fitness centre in Victoria and the other at a freight company in Tasmania.

We are still waiting on a formal news article on these two rescues and will post the article here as soon as we receive it.

In the meantime, read this great article about two rescues in March 2015, again with the HeartSine samaritan 500P Defibrillator. Read more.

Contact us to discuss further. 

Why are "blue plasters" blue? - Posted by Matt on 10/4/2015

Why are "blue plasters" blue and what are they used for?

The commonly known "blue plaster" is referred to in the Medical Industry as a Visual and Metal Detectable Strip. They are a legislative requirement for those working in the Food Handling Industry. The Strips vibrant blue colour is the only colour that does not naturally occur in food, making it easily seen. Another feature of the Visual and Metal Detectable Strip is the ability to be detected where metal detection equipment is operational. This ensures high security in the Food Handling Industry. 

Does FastAid sell the Visual and Metal Detectable Strip?

FastAid certainly does stock and sell the Visual and Metal Detectable Strip. Call us today to confirm your pricing. Call 1800 13 12 11. 

blue plasters









What is an EpiPen and does FastAid sell them? - Posted by Stella on 1/4/2015

What is an EpiPen?

The EpiPen® Auto-Injector is a disposable, pre-filled automatic injection device that administers epinephrine in the event of a severe allergic reaction.

EpiPen® contains epinephrine, a medication that can help decrease your body’s allergic reaction by:

- Relaxing the muscles in your airways to make breathing easier
- Helping to reverse the rapid and dangerous decrease in blood pressure
- Relaxing the muscles in the stomach, intestines and bladder *

Can I buy EpiPens from FastAid?

Unfortunately, being a prescription item, FastAid is not licenced to sell EpiPens. They can be purchased over the counter at a pharmacy, however it is recommended that you consult your family GP or the doctor associated with your company or school and obtain a script for the EpiPen. This will make a considerable difference in the price of the unit.

Contact us now for further information regarding purchasing EpiPens. Call 1800 13 12 11.


FastAid's Product Resources | Our Marketing Promise - Posted by Marketing on 17/3/2015

FastAid has a promise to provide the necessary marketing materials to compliment our range, making your job faster and easier.

You can find Product Images, Product Spec Sheets and Product MSD Sheets right here on our website - available for download whenever you require them. Convenient! 

Visit the Product Resources page on our website now.

Can't find what you're needing? Simply give us a call on 1800 13 12 11 and we'd be glad to assist.

Does FastAid have restocking forms available for their first aid kits? - Posted by Stella on 17/2/2015

FastAid has available to you Restocking Forms for each First Aid Kit included in our range.

A handy resource tool to supply to your customers, the Restocking Form is quick and easy to complete - listing what contents they should have and providing the means to work out what is needed to restock their kit. 

Sample Restock List

Contact FastAid now to get a copy of the Restocking Forms you need to make it faster and easier for your customers. Email or call 1800 13 12 11. 

How do I secure a First Aid Kit? - Posted by Marketing on 3/2/2015

Secure your First Aid Kit

We often get the question, "How do I know if this First Aid Kit has been opened and contents used?" 

FastAid now offer the perfect solution to secure a First Aid Kit so that when the time comes it can be easily determined if the Kit has been tampered with at all.An easy, fast and affordable solution, the FastAid Tamper Tag (code: FAT001) is a small plastic tag that is used to secure a First Aid Kit at the rubber pullers and prevent unnecessary tampering with Kit contents.

In an emergency, this Tamper Tag is easily removed by cutting it with a pair of scissors. If it comes time for your first aid resources audit, and the Tamper Tag has not been cut, you know the Kit is up to compliance. If the Tag has been cut or “tampered with” you know the Kit may need refill items.

To find out more, or order yours now, contact us on 1800 13 12 11. We’re always here to help!

WA Workplace Compliance News - Posted by Stella on 12/1/2015

WA Calls For Public Comment on New WHS Laws

WorkSafe WA has given members of the public opportunity to comment on the draft Work Health & Safety Bill 2014. 

"I strongly urge anyone with an interest in workplace safety to participate in the public comment process closing on January 30, 2015, thereby making a genuine contribution to the future of safety and health in WA workplaces", the WorkSafe WA Commissioner Lex McCulloch said.

This public comment period closes January 30, 2015. 

What are some basics for treating snake bites? - Posted by Marketing on 6/1/2015

Did you know? Approximately 7000 people are bitten by a snake every year*. Are you prepared? 

What are the signs and symptoms of a snake bite?

  • Puncture marks or scratches
  • Headache
  • Vomiting, nausea or diarrhoea
  • Double or blurred vision
  • Breathing difficulties 
  • Drowsiness, giddiness, faintness, drooping eyelids, problems speaking or swallowing
  • Pain or tightness in chest or abdomen 

What should I do if I suspect it's a snake bite?

  1. Calm the casualty and lie the casualty down
  2. Check breathing and circulation. If casualty is unconscious follow DRSABCD
  3. Apply pressure immobilisation bandage (or heavy crepe bandage) firmly around the bite site
  4. Apply a firm crepe or roller bandage over the whole limb starting at the toes or finger tips and working up. Bandage needs to be firm but not too tight
  5. Immobilise the limb using a splint. If bitten on the leg, use the other leg as the splint. Use bandage to tie legs together or to hold splint in place. Keep the bitten limb level with the rest of the body to slow down absorption of venom in the body
  6. Call 000
  7. Monitor casualty. Check fingers or toes for circulation. If breathing fails or they lose consciousness, follow DRSABCD.

If ever in doubt, call 000 - they are there to help!

For a printed brochure for snake bite treatment, call us today. 1800 13 12 11

*Source: Australian Venom Research Unit

Calcium Gluconate Gel - Posted by Matt on 15/12/2015

We often get enquiries for a treatment to hydrofloric acid burns. Calcium Gluconate Gel is the answer! FastAid stocks this Gel, ready for same day despatch. 

What is Calcium Gluconate Gel?

Calcium gluconate gel is used in first aid response to hydrofluoric acid (HF) exposure or contact to the body. Calcium gluconate combines with hydrofluoric acid to neutralize the powerful fluoride ion.


Calcium gluconate gel is indicated as an integral part in responding to Hydrofluoric Acid exposure to the body, mitigating or preventing the related pain and potential tissue burns and bone damage.


If hydrofluoric acid contacts the body, it is highly recommended to wash/flush the area with cool water for at least 5 minutes to remove HF surface residue (15 to 20 minutes if Gel is not available). Apply Calcium Gluconate Gel freely to the affected areas and continuously massage into the skin. Seek medical attention. Reapply Gel and massage into the affected area every 15 minutes until medical assistance is given.

If the acid has penetrated below the nails, Calcium Gluconate Gel should be liberally applied over and around the nail area, and the area should be continually massaged for 15 minutes.

Avoid secondary HF exposure or transfer by following standard HF safety measures, including:

  • If possible, the victim should wash area and apply the gel themselves.
  • If assistance is required, the person assisting should wear appropriate HF-protective gloves (neoprene) and other safety equipment.
  • Safely discard tube and any unused gel after use.

All HF burns or exposure should be referred to a hospital after washing and starting initial first-aid procedures with Calcium Gluconate Gel.

"Calcium gluconate is the preferred treatment of choice for minor HF exposure for the following reasons:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It can be self-administered or applied by personnel trained in first aid care.
  • It can be applied immediately as soon as the burn is suspected.
  • It is painless to apply.
  • It produces no risk of increasing tension in the tissues…
  • …It reduces the risk of hypocalcemia.
  • No sophisticated equipment is necessary."

Call FastAid now to discuss your pricing. 1800 13 12 11.

Needing a download of this information to send to a customer? Call us to request a PDF version of this information. 1800 13 12 11.

Are you prepared for a safe holiday season? - Posted by Stella on 5/12/14

With the end of year holiday season closing in, it's important we're all adequately prepared with what's required to keep us safe. Unfortunately those unexpected accidents do happen, and it's wise to be properly equipped with a suitable first aid kit to suit your purpose.

FastAid has the perfect First Aid Kit to keep you safe during this busy season.

R1 Vehicle Max Kit Are you a traveller? The R1 Vehicle Max Kit has been designed specifically to cater for those who travel. Available in both a plastic portable case (code: FAR1V20) and a soft pack case (code: FAR1V30), the Vehicle Max Kit provides first aid essentials to have you and your family covered.
Remote Or maybe you're the adventurous, going outback? FastAid has released the new R1 Remote Vehicle Kit (code: FAR1R30), covering 1-10 persons in a remote area environment. This Kit is packed with the essentials for outback exploring, giving you peace of mind. If you would like something more comprehensive, we recommend looking at the R2 4WD Outback Kit in a soft pack case. Ideal for outback travelling and camping trips!
Marine Range Boating this Christmas? FastAid has got a complete Marine Range to cater for your specific requirements, ensuring compliance to NSCV, Yachting Australia and WHS Legislation. To find out which Kit you need for your vessel, visit our Blog post,
Home and Away Or just having a relaxed break at home? Our Home 'N' Away Kit will ensure you have the first aid essentials you need right on hand ready to go. Available in plastic portable (code: FAR1H20) and soft pack case (code: FAR1H30) options, chose which works best for you.

Still not sure of your requirements, or want to locate a distributor? We're here to help! Simply call us on 1800 13 12 11 to find out.

Have an enjoyable break.

Help save a life with a Defibrillator! - Posted by Marketing on 10/11/14


The national road toll in 2013 was 1,193. Deaths from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) were over 30,000.*
• SCA is the leading cause of death in Australia
• 90 people a day are affected by SCA outside of hospital
• Without defibrillation:
  - Survival rate is between 2% and 5%
  – For every minute that passes, the chance of survival reduces by 10%
• The average ambulance response time is 9-14 minutes in metro areas – up to 30 minutes in regional areas.
• SCA can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime with the only definitive treatment a defib shock


Having a defibrillator on hand at your workplace or community club can make the difference in the first few minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest incident. They are easy to use, maintain and can save a life prior to ambulance arrival.

See the HeartSine defib models available from FastAid in action in the videos below.

The RD500 is the NEW HeartSine Samaritan PAD500P with full patented CPR advisor software. The HeartSine Samaritan 500P Defibrillator contains technology that determines electrically through the defibrillation pads, whether your compressions are in fact effective. So not only will voice prompts guide you through the process of defibrillation (like all AED’s), but this device will tell you to “Push Harder” or whether you are doing “Good Compressions” - all based on real cardiac output (real blood flow). With the HeartSine Samaritan 500P Defibrillator, you make every second of your rescue efforts count. There are people alive today that have been saved by the 500P... and others who have the comforting knowledge that they did everything they could.

The RD350 is the HeartSine Samaritan 350P Defibrillator with all the features of the 500P Defibrillator except for the CPR advisor technology. For use in hotels, schools, restaurants, companies, clubs, shopping centres, sports clubs, aviation and shipping, doctor's offices, hospitals.

FastAid also carries a range of HeartSine Defibrillator Training Units. Contact us to find out more.

Remember, You can’t choose when Sudden Cardiac Arrest will strike. But you can be prepared. For pricing and more information on Defibrillator’s, call us now… 1800 13 12 11.

*Facts and figures sourced from:

3 easy steps to choose the right first aid kit - Posted by Stella on 16/10/2014

Probably the single biggest question we get asked is, "How do I choose the right first aid kit for the job?"

Well, it's actually surprisingly easy with FastAid. We'll keep it to 3 simple steps:

  1. Identify your Workplace/area type
  2. Identify other risks: Burns, Eye and Outdoor injuries
  3. Number of workers

And here are some great tools to make these steps even easier for you...

Catalogue Version
Comprehensive Version
Simple Version
Tip: The ultimate. Use this as your single resource tool to help identify the right kit quickly and easily. Tip: Use this to identify your specific first aid kit best suited to your requirements. Tip: A great compressed version, giving a general overview of the 'R-Series'

Check out our great training videos below...

How to choose the correct marine first aid kit - Posted by Marketing on 29/9/2014

FastAid has recently developed a Marine Range of First Aid Kits to keep you covered this Summer! All Kits comply to the Yachting Australia Ocean Racing Regulations. Don't just drift along with inadequate equipment on board your vessel; be prepared for that unexpected emergency! Read on to know how...

Which marine first aid kit do I need for my boat/water craft?

It’s always important, particularly as the warmer season draws nearer, for those with boats/water craft to make sure they are properly covered for first aid emergencies.

Have a closer look at your first aid provisions on board your vessel, to check if they are compliant to relevant requirements as well as containing adequate supplies to effectively attend to a first aid emergency.

How do I choose the correct first aid kit for my vessel?

Kit options NSCV (National Standard for Commercial Vessels) Y.A. (Yachting Australia) WHS (Workplace Health & Safety)
R3 Marine Pro - Table H.3 Scale G&F
- Table H.4 Scale E&D
Ocean Racing Boats 2013 Category 1 & 2 Special Regulations - Part 1 for Racing Boats & Cruising Boats 2013-2017 - WHS National Regulations July 2012
R2 Marine Action N/A Ocean Racing Boats 2013 Category 3 & 4 Special Regulations - Part 1 for Racing Boats & Cruising Boats 2013-2017 - WHS National Regulations July 2012
R1 Marine Max N/A Ocean Racing Boats 2013 Category 5-7 Special Regulations - Part 1 for Racing Boats & Cruising Boats 2013-2017 - WHS National Regulations July 2012, motor craft

To view each of these products, please download the relevant product spec sheet using this link.

Due to prescriptions required & short expiry dates on medications, some items are not included in the above first aid kits. To find out more about the extra items you will require, please see our Marine Range Product Spec Sheets (available at 

Questions or want to find out more? Call us today on 1800 13 12 11.

First Aid Kit Design - Posted by Marketing on 9/9/2014

We have had questions of late in relation to what the requirements are for the design of first aid kits, in particular the first aid cross on the front of the cases. We have pulled up some extracts from the “First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice”, from the Safe Work Australia website:

Design of Kits   

First aid kits can be any size, shape or type to suit your workplace, but each kit should:
• be large enough to contain all the necessary items
• be immediately identifiable with a white cross on green background that is prominently displayed on the outside
• contain a list of the contents for that kit
• be made of material that will protect the contents from dust, moisture and contamination

In summary, the FastAid kits exceed compliance requirements. If you have any further questions, please call us on 1800 13 12 11, and we’ll be glad to help.

To download a full copy of the WHS Code of Practice, click here.